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It’s Crazy Being Green

Today, like any other day, my inbox was flooded with emails promoting amazing deals.

Methodically ticking the boxes to mass delete, one of them caught my eye.

The word ‘eco-friendly’, of course. Specifically an ‘Eco-friendly water purifier’.

I had to investigate. I wanted to know what made the purifier eco-friendly. I had a look at the company website and there wasn’t much information as to why exactly the product was so green. So I emailed them to ask.

This is the reply I received,

“All our products use Food Grade materials and are BPA Free. Our Bench Top Units don’t use electricity.”

Ok, Food Grade materials. Well, you would hope so seeing as it is a water purifier and you drink from it. BPA free. Great. No electricity? This is where I start laughing. Isn’t this like saying my bed is eco-friendly as it uses no electricity? Seriously?! It is a plain, old water filter. Sell it on the fact that it purifies and gets rid of toxins in water, not some additional point that has nothing to do with the product in the first place.

People can really take it too far when trying to jump on the ‘green’ bandwagon. There are some crazy ideas out there in the eco world.

I recently discovered a baffling product called the “Telescoping Plastic Baggie Dryer”. Oh yes, there is such a thing! For about $15 you can get a plastic bag dryer! It has four adjustable antenna arms which have 8 alligator clips that hold the bags in place. Hilarious.

Another unusual product idea is the PETA coffin. You can literally take your animal rights liberalism with you to your grave! The coffins are hand painted and made of eco friendly materials and have different logos to choose from such as, “Give Life Your Best Shot – Go Vegetarian” and “Told You I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in Fur”.

What will they think of next?

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