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Keep Cool By Keeping Cool

When summer comes the warmer temperatures mean electricity bills shoot up as everyone turns on their air conditioners, cooling ducts, and other heat reducing equipment.

This year make sure you tap into the newest & trendiest way to keep cool by installing a rooftop or terrace garden.

The rooftop garden actually came about because many houses which were cramped up in the city had no way to access any natural light and greenery.

The closest they could come to nature was the vista of trees & bushes from their windows. But the beauty and advantages of these artificial gardens forced the villa owners to embrace them as part of their homes and add other touches of “Green Luxury”.

The lack of affordability of city living forces the majority of people to live in apartments or smaller houses. Taking the option of a rooftop or balcony garden allows the inhabitants to live in the city apartments and still enjoy the greenery that could be enjoyed in a suburban house.

In the past rooftop gardens were considered to be a liability due to high set up costs and never ending maintenance. Now setting up a rooftop garden is much cheaper and easier. Better quality waterproofing solutions, tougher construction equipment and easier application processes allow people to create a garden for themselves, without spending a fortune.

The rooftop/terrace gardens provide much preferred alternatives to potted & artificial flowerings. They are easier to create, are a lot more budget friendly and they enhance the look of the building. There are savings on energy & costs by providing additional insulation from external heat and sunlight. They help save (and conserve) rainwater by not letting it seep into drains. They help provide a bio reserve for local birds and insects that would otherwise be unavailable to them in the city’s concrete jungle.

Although these artificial gardens will never beat the beauty of large lush green lawns, they are a viable alternative for city dwellers to enjoy a natural habitat, without comprising the beauty of their homes.

These activities could even be considered as a micro step taken by citizens to cut down the global carbon blueprint.

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