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Save Strawberry Seeds

Saving Strawberry Seeds

Image source: wikimedia.org

Picked ripe and eaten alone or put in a luscious recipe, strawberries are a favorite of many. Beyond just eating the berry though, the strawberry’s seeds can be put to practical use, too.

Harvesting strawberry seeds allows heirloom plants to be grown that will produce an abundance of strawberries.

You can buy starter plants or packaged seeds, but the seeds can easily be removed from the berries’ skin just by gently scraping them off. The outside of a strawberry contains around 200 seeds.

Some varieties of seeds need to be frozen first to encourage the germination process, and then they can be dried and saved for planting. Strawberry plants can remain fruitful for around two years and then new seeds can be sown for ideal production.

Growing strawberries provides a source of health benefits, as they are high in antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory effects and cardiovascular benefits. They also contain many phytonutrients as well as polyphenols, which can aid in maintaining blood sugar levels. Additionally, growing your own with organic techniques leaves behind the pesticide laden ones, as strawberries can contain residuals from dozens of different chemicals.

The healthful properties of strawberries can be enjoyed without actually eating the berry, too. Organic strawberries can be used in skincare routines for smoother skin and a boost to the complexion. When the seeds are crushed, their oils release nutrients that will brighten and recharge skin.

The seeds and fruit can be mashed and mixed with a bit of yogurt or honey and gently rubbed onto areas where skin needs a refresher. Allow the mask to completely dry on the skin, then rinse. Also, you can make strawberry moisturizer with a few ingredients for a natural skin cream. These recipes make an exfoliating scrub and replenishing lotion without chemicals or a heavy price tag.

The seeds are an important, but at times possibly forgotten, part of the strawberry with a range of uses from the garden to home spa.

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