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Perpetuating Plastic Bags

Plastic is the bane of Mother Nature. It won’t break down for hundreds of years and until we eradicate it completely it is best to make many uses for it rather than dispose of it after one go.

Here are some examples of how to re-use plastic bags, ziplock bags and cling film.

Spice Shaker
In a washed out ziplock bag, place all the spices and herbs for your perfect marinade, tagine or curry. Add the meat and shake about until ingredients covers it. Place in fridge to marinate or use straight away.

Ice Pack
In plastic bag or Ziplock bag place cold water. Tie or zip up and place in freezer. Saves you spending money on a store bought ice pack.

Bin Liners
All plastic bags can be re-used as a bin liner. Use up the old ones before you buy commercial liners.

Zip locks are brilliant for travelling with jewellery, toiletries, makeup. Anything that you need to stay together in the one place whilst transporting, with no spillage.

Wet Clothes
Beach, gym, little kids! Carrying plastic bags can save a lot of hassle whilst at the beach or gym. Of course little ones can have accidents at any time, so it is good to be prepared.

Cut up and sticky tape together to make a floor covering when painting. It protects your floors, is waterproof and you don’t have to ruin a sheet!

We’ve all been to concert and the heavens have opened up. Cut a hole in a big plastic bag and at least your body is dry!

There are a million things around my house that could do with grouping together. Re-use bags to tidy out those drawers and group nails, pencils, rubber bands, nail polishes and other plastic bags!

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