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Clever Ideas For Using Up End Of Season Fruits

Reducing food waste and hard economic times are good motivators for using up every last bit of what we buy.

Beyond jams, smoothies and putting them in muffins, make use of the following frugal tips for saving the last of the season’s fruits.

Dehydrating is a good way to preserve fruit. Dehydrators are an energy efficient way to dry foods, but if you don’t have one you can use an oven set at a low temperature. One suggestion is to soak them in water and lemon juice prior to dehydrating to keep them plump and to reduce a bruised appearance. Also, place a cooking screen or foil over the fruit while drying so that it won’t curl up.

Clever Ideas For Using Up End Of Season Fruits

Image source: sparkpeople.com

If you have an abundance of fruit, freeze half of it. Some fruits can quickly over-ripen, and freezing locks in the freshness, color and nutrients. Best results are obtained by cutting into pieces and laying them on a baking sheet or other flat surface in single layers and freezing until solid. Then they can be transferred to storage containers and kept frozen for months.

Also, freeze fruit differently. A great tip is to make ice candy by placing overripe or excess fruits, water, herbs and other favorite additions into sealable freezable containers or food safe packaging tubes. These can also be packed in coolers to keep other foods cold, then eaten while still frozen or drank when melted.

Clever Ideas For Using Up End Of Season Fruits

Image source: scentofgreenbananas.blogspot.com

Ice cube trays are genius little tools for freezing all sorts of things besides water for ice. Stainless steel versions are a little harder to find than plastic ones, but they last longer, won’t crack or leach into foods. Filled with fruits, purees and additions like mint, they can be used for ice cubes with a twist.

Clever Ideas For Using Up End Of Season Fruits

Image source: spoonforkbacon.com

Have ripe and ready to eat fruits? Fruit vinegar and fruit syrup are versatile inclusions in the pantry.

Also, kids and adults with a sweet tooth love fruit leathers, and making your own at home are definitely more nutritious than packaged varieties and easily incorporates produce leftovers. Recipes are endless and can be tailored to include favorites or to use up what is on hand. Two natural, all fruit recipes are raspberry yogurt and mango fruit leather.

Also, try these recommendations that certainly won’t get thrown out.

These chocolate filled strawberries are a reverse take on the original dipped ones, and are perfectly toted around in a reused, cleaned out egg carton. This can be done with smaller fruits, like apricots, too.

Clever Ideas For Using Up End Of Season Fruits

Image source: lilyshop.com

Chocolate oranges are a delicious way to use up citrus peels. Cored apples, pears or other choices that will hold the chocolate can be used also. Other ingredients, like caramel or frozen yogurt can be placed inside the fruit as well.

Clever Ideas For Using Up End Of Season Fruits

Image source: lilyshop.com

Do you have any tasty ways to use up the end of harvest fruits? If so, please share your recipes and ideas in the comments below.

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