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Reusable Household Items

Reusability is always popular among penny-pinchers, but it’s also a great way to turn your old things into new and exciting creations.

Some of the things you have laying about might not seem that innovative, but with proper instruction and patience, even the smallest objects can become versatile examples of reusability.

Here are a few ideas:

Recycling Old Shirts Into Grocery Bags
Sure, we can always pay $1.50 at the grocery story and purchase a recycled bag to carry on shopping trips, but then you’d be wasting perfectly good construction material. If you follow the steps in this Youtube DIY video, you’ll soon be cranking out recycled bags for friends and family alike.

Kitty Litter Dries Damp Cellphones
If you don’t happen to have a bag of rice, kitty litter works just as good at rescuing your water-damaged device from permanent death. Not only can it soak up the water you accidentally submerged your phone in, but it will ultimately save you a bundle of money purchasing a new device. You can also use cat litter as a deodorant for trash cans.

Toothpaste As A DVD Scratch Remover
DVD’s are like magnets to scratches, and since not everyone has a fancy cleaning machine, it usually means a trip to Walmart to purchase another copy of the broken disk. However, it’s long been a closely guarded “wives tale” that toothpaste can work the same as a disk cleaner. If you’ve wiped the disk with your sleeve or a cloth, and the problem persists, rub toothpaste over it.

Hair Dryer As Ink Cartridge Reviver
Ink cartridges always seem to run out of juice right when we need them. But if you take the cartridge out of the printer and blow dry it for a few minutes, you might clear up the nozzle and let the last few drops of ink run free.


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