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Where Girls Are Born And Trees Are Planted


Image source: www.greenpacks.org

In the country of India, of all places, you probably wouldn’t imagine the locals consider changes in the environment seriously.

After all, this country is known for its increasing overpopulation problem, and not so much for being forward-thinking saviors of the planet.

Their cities are rife with pollution, they have little in the way of factory regulations, and many more problems than worrying about the future world they’re leaving behind for their children to inherit. And yet through all of this, one small village in the western state of Rajasthan has decided to buck tradition and give more to our planet.

For each girl that is born in the village of Piplantri, the townspeople go out and plant 111 trees to honor the occasion in celebration.

This whole idea came about after the untimely passing of a former village leader’s young daughter. The parents of each newborn girl are required several things of them. Firstly, they must sign an affidavit that they will pledge to be good parents, that they won’t marry her off before legal age, they’ll care for the trees planted in her name, and they must make a $180 deposit into a fund in her name, to be used when she is of schooling age.

The remainder of the villagers also group together $380 for her in addition to the parent’s fund. In the past six years, the village has planted almost a quarter million trees. This is a sign of the village’s growing prosperity, and of their ability to stick to commitments they make to one another.

As the trees grow and mature into small forests, they will serve as reminders of a tragic past, a looking glass into the future, and an exemplary role model to be used by the western world. Imagine if our hospitals required parents to do the same or similar. The birth rate in America alone would practically allow us to recreate the Amazon Rainforest with trees. And since India is more poverty-stricken than the United States, their $180 deposit would be closer to $1,000 over here.

That money could grow in a trust fund and be available upon a child’s graduation from college, and if properly cared for and grown, could do a great deal to help the child attend whatever university they may, and reduce the need for excessive and debt-inducing loans. It is most definitely a system worth thinking about.

Of course, it would be difficult to get the rest of American society to adhere to these standards, as traditions differ from country to country. Still, if you’re planning on having children in the near future, or have newborns of your own, consider taking some money out and putting it in a safe place where it can mature and teach them the meaning of saving and investing.

And purchasing a tree in your child’s name is also inexpensive and easy. After all, the world could use a tree or two more, if you’re up to the challenge.


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