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Plant a Tree on Arbor Day


Image source: elcivics.com

The recognition of Arbor Day began in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton.

The intent of this day was to create awareness of the importance of planting trees.

100 years later, the Arbor Day Foundation was started. This not for profit organization has a focus on conservation, environmental education and the significant role that tree planting plays in both.

Trees help to reduce carbon dioxide and promote oxygen in the air. By increasing tree growth where it can be helpful instead of continually cutting down these natural resources, a positive ecological boost is created. The foundation encourages tree planting and inspires Arbor Day celebrations worldwide.

In the U.S. National Arbor Day is held on the last Friday in April, however most states hold observances depending on their seasonal and regional tree planting recommendations. Their inventory of international celebration dates that recognize the importance of Arbor Day is a resource for learning about how other areas participate in tree planting events. This year Arbor Day is Friday, 25th April 2014.

They also sponsor many programs, like Nature Explore that has tips and resources for connecting children with the outdoor world. They offer many tips for planting and identifying local trees, as well as detailing the benefits that trees have on the environment. Facts on how to aid in climate change repercussions and best maintaining landscaping by proper tree placement and care are available, too.

Volunteering information and guidelines on how to get started with tree and preservation education in local communities is also listed. Trees make great gifts for your own yard or someone else’s. Consider giving a native tree with instructions on how to best care for it, and it will assuredly be appreciated by the receiver as well as their outdoor surroundings.

Planting trees is a simple thing to do that has many long lasting benefits.


Image source: serenic.com

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