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One international travel series stands out for its longevity and quality.

Known as Globe Trekker in the U.S. or Pilot Guides in other areas such as Australia and Canada, the series by Pilot Productions focuses on global travel and exploration.

Globe Trekker has been airing for around 20 years, and currently goes out to more than 30 million interested viewers.

It is broadcast in more than 40 different countries, and the show has won over 50 international awards for its educational entertainment value.

Each episode the narrator takes viewers on an expedition, explaining the customs and providing educational facts about the featured region.

Known for exciting travels to out of the way places the rotating guides travel, not always glamorously, and also research and teach viewers about numerous parts of the world. An attention to native cultures, with a spotlight on indigenous food, crafts, entertainment, history, fashion, politics and all things local is the show’s intent. Just as interesting as the show is the international music featured throughout.

In addition to the traveling adventures, they also have special shows that focus on various themes like native shopping, wildlife and cultural festivals. Check out their regional shows for indulging an interest in a specific area. Also, their community travel stories features submissions from various travel writers who tell their personal travel experiences.

Although research always warns against too much screen time, this particular show pairs the instructive with the interconnectedness of human nature, an element that is missing from many modern productions.

In the entertainment world, uninspiring reality television or senseless reruns seem to be the norm. A series appropriate for all ages that aims to be an informative vehicle of cultural appreciation is refreshing. Globe Trekker is a clever show that fosters a global connection, all from the comforts of home.

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