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Top 6 DIY Resources

For the weekend warrior, new projects are seen as a challenge to accept, and not a daunting task to accomplish. If you’re a hands-on type of person, then you love seeking out new things to make/build/craft, etc.

We’ve provided 6 of our favorite resources for various projects you might be interested in.

The Big Book Of Hacks


Image source: www.weldonowen.com

From Popular Science, this book is an amazing resource for technophiles seeking their next computerized gadget to make. Home improvements, cellphone efficiency boosters, ways to bring old computers back to life, etc. Everything you might want to make is most likely in this book. And it’s on sale now!



Image source: www.instructables.com

One of the world’s largest DIY communities on the web. This site has everything from arts and crafts, 3-D printing, going green, automobile care, and more. It’s super easy to search for specific projects you’re looking to become involved with, or randomly scan the forums for ideas. The community is helpful for answering questions if you end up hitting a snag, so definitely sign up for a membership if you’re a dedicated DIY’er.

Better Homes And Gardens


Image source: www.bhg.com

A magazine for the gardener, interior decorator, remodeler, or organizer in you. Each issue is chalk full of beautiful pictures, exciting new ideas, tips and tools, and much more. Yearly subscriptions aren’t overly expensive, and you can usually find deals on Zinio.com if you’re looking to subscribe digitally.

Popular Science DIY


Image source: www.popsci.com

One of our favorites is the huge collection of DIY material you can find on Popular Science’s DIY site, as well as in their monthly magazine. Here you’ll see detailed instructions with play-by-play pictures, answers for questions you may have, and more. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Reddit DIY


Image source: www.reddit.com

If you’re a social network kind of person, or just really appreciate online communities, the Reddit DIY section is for you. It’s not a searchable resource, but you can definitely scroll through to find ideas and inspiration for your next project.


This is basically everything we couldn’t find space for to include in this article. You’ll find resources for candle making, home improvement, repair manuals, stenciling, etc.

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