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Reuse Food Scraps

Say for instance you love to cook with fresh ingredients at home but with this extravagant meal you have plenty of food scraps left over.

You do not have a garden because you live in the city and are unable to compost your food. What do you do? Simple! Below are a few examples on how you can reduce and reuse your food scraps without composting.

Stocks and Broths: Stocks and broths can be made using left over vegetable scraps and meat bones. Boiling these for a few hours can reduce what goes into the trash and the stock can be saved for months if stored properly to help with future soups and stews.

Candied Peels: With the winter approaching many of us will use lemons and oranges in our teas for flavor and to prevent sickness as a great source of vitamin c and antioxidants. Though after you have squeezed all that juice from it do not toss it into the trash. Save the peels and dry them out for a day and place them into a pot with sugar and water. You must boil and blanch them. The peels make great candy to pass to your friends, family, and neighbors at the holiday season.

Skins: Apple skins make a delicious topping to pork or chicken. Carrot and potato skins have more nutrients then the fruit and extra flavor to your favorite casserole or texture to the home cooked favorite mashed potatoes.

Lemons: Lemons are not only wonderful for teas and candied peels but they also make fantastic all natural household cleaners. Use them to clean microwaves and with a bit of salt to the rind they help clean up a stove surface beautifully. Once you are finished use them in the garbage disposal to remove odors.

Lastly, do not forget preserves are tasty treats and gifts. They have a long shelf life that is sustainable meanwhile removing excess waste.

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