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Tips For Capturing A Great Environmental Portrait

Do your photographs always turn out terrible?

Whether you can’t pull off a good group photo, your nature shots tend to turn out grainy or you just want to enhance your image, a few tips for taking environmental portraiture will improve your chances of capturing that perfect picture.

Though good photography equipment does help, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Using what you already do have along with some suggestions can get that optimal environmental shot of wildlife or people.

Try these easy to follow tricks for netting better outdoor images from the Department of Environmental Conservation. Simple tips are offered that can make all the difference in the picture. There is a video as well that goes over a few pointers for taking outdoor pictures.

Techniques like retraining your eye to frame the landscape into thirds can make the photograph look more professional grade.

Tips For Capturing A Great Environmental Portrait

Tips For Capturing A Great Environmental Portrait

Tips For Capturing A Great Environmental Portrait

Also, when outdoors don’t just focus on one spot. Look up, down and all around as nature is all encompassing.

Tips For Capturing A Great Environmental Portrait

To learn more about capturing environmental portraits, a brief tutorial is available from 121 CLICKS.

Examples are provided about character, location and the importance of message conveyance. Also, a significant tip is how to incorporate a wider frame. This strategy does not focus on the face or center of the subject, but includes the larger and more extensive surroundings in order to achieve a more natural look.

Additionally, PhotoShelter’s interview with environmental photographer Tony Gale has tips on lighting, positioning and posing subjects. Considering how to make characters comfortable, relaxed and not look posed may sound like modest feats but knowing how to do it can make all the difference.

Getting a great environmental portrait may take a few steps and some skill, but if you do happen to get that perfect photograph it will look unforced, natural and will make a lasting memory.

All photography provided by Tara Deaton.

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