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Product Replaces Disposable Plastic Straw

Product Replaces Disposable Plastic Straw

Image source: simplystraws.com

Disposable dishes, like paper plates and plastic cups, are big money for their manufacturers, but they are also big on waste.

One toss away product that may often be overlooked is drinking straws.

Drinking straws became more popular with the onset of the industrial revolution in the 1800’s, and their designs have subsequently become more readily available for home use. Some of the earliest known indications that people from other eras used drinking straws were found when an artifact from a Sumerian tomb was uncovered that was dated from around 3,000 B.C.

According to family based business Simply Straws, 500 million plastic straws are thrown away every day in the U.S. alone. That is a huge amount of waste from a disposable product, and one that no one really thinks about as it is such a small item.

A practical solution is using drinking safe glass straws, and companies that make them are popping up to meet an interest for the demand. The Simply Straws brand is one of several, and the idea of replacing plastic toss-aways with reusable varieties is actually a concept that could save resources and money.

Product Replaces Disposable Plastic Straw

Image source: simplystraws.com

Offering a lifetime guarantee, their straws are designed by a dental hygienist and made of a durable, unbreakable type of glass that is non-toxic, BPA free and biodegradable. They have cleaning brushes and carrying cases available for the straws that are made from flaxseed and hemp, and they are naturally antimicrobial and mold resistant. This allows a wet drinking straw to be placed right back in the case after use with no worries.

Straws can be recommended by dentists and oral hygienists, as they can reduce tooth sensitivity and staining from beverages. In addition to eliminating waste, they are a much safer alternative to plastic drinking straws. Plastic straws can contain many harmful toxins that may even be released and unintentionally consumed if placed in a hot beverage.

Is the reusable glass straw something that will catch on?

If it does, it could save countless millions of plastics from landfill waste and may potentially even be a budget saver for the restaurant industry in the long run.

And its definitely something to think about if you tend to use a lot of straws.

Product Replaces Disposable Plastic Straw

Image source: flickr.com/photos/treehouse1977

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