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This DIY Pallet Design Will Move You

Wooden pallet designs are all over the place, but this one from artist Tomáš Moravec is totally original – and dangerously inventive.

By taking a wooden pallet and placing wheels on each corner, Moravec figured out that it would fit right on the rails of the Bratislava, Slovakia trolley system. The tracks in the region are sized differently than the ones in the U.S and Europe, and Moravec noticed that the narrower tracks perfectly nest the wheels from the pallet.

Conveniently, this allows the artist to travel through the city in quite an unusual way (click on the image below to watch the action).

This DIY Pallet Design Will Move You

Image source: tomasmoravec.cz

Though this probably is not the safest pallet upcycle project, it is certainly entertaining to watch. Local authorities and transportation officials may not be happy about the unauthorized rides, which Moravec initiated in 2008 when he made the track companion, but this why didn’t I think of that design is truly imaginative.

Now, how exactly did he conjure up the idea to make a transportable wooden pallet to accompany the local tracks? Maybe a better question is…how do you stop downhill?

This DIY Pallet Design Will Move You

Image source: tomasmoravec.cz

Inspired to have a mobile pallet, but on a safer, slower and more grounded scale?

Check out the following pictures of do it yourself projects of other easy to make pallet designs that move. This instructable shows how to tell if a wooden pallet is safe to use, as some are known to be treated with toxic chemicals.

Pallet pull-cars, race cars and a little zip line fun is perfect for kids.


Need simple solutions for parking? A pallet can be repurposed for instant bike storage, and this 2 story parking garage is also a good space saving idea for kid’s transportation.


I know this industrial pallet is supposed to function as a table, but seriously, who could resist taking it for an indoor ride at least once?

Moravec probably would.

This DIY Pallet Design Will Move You

Image source: blog.paulinaarcklin.nl

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