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The Power Of Paying It Forward

The Power Of Paying It Forward

Image source: flickr.com/photos/quasifly

The focus in the headlines can often be negative.

Although sometimes the kindness of complete strangers can surprisingly pop up, and their unexpected acts can change a pessimistic mood, or in some cases can even change someone’s life.

Many studies have been conducted on the widespread effects of performing good deeds, as well as the reasons that individuals do them. One study that examined this found that performing kind acts could actually be attributed to heightened feelings of wellbeing. As other research has also found, those who perform good deeds do tend to be happier, but this study showed that selfless behaviors can directly impact happiness.

Also, those who perceived that others truly were appreciative of their acts reported the greatest increase in a positive overall mood. This, instead of recognition, seemed to have the biggest influence on the happiness levels of the givers.

However, other research is not so optimistic regarding people’s intentions.

One study found that paying it forward may more often be limited, as there is also greed and reciprocation involved. Though the passing it on concept is ideal, this particular research revealed that greedy actions were actually passed along more than genuine ones.

Those who have experienced the advantages of a kind act themselves may be more likely to pay it forward to others, even complete strangers, thus generating collaboration on a larger social scale. This effect can easily be spread around in an ever evolving state of online culture and social media, where viewers can quickly pass along a message.

Occasionally a story will surface showing that human behavior may be capable, after all, of being positive and selfless.

Give Back Films is a budding video based startup founded on the concept of paying it forward. Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson are the creators of the do-good films, which showcase moments of their giving back to strangers out in public.

Seen below are 2 examples of their viral videos to date that capture their positive deeds.

If the concept proves successful, they say that they would like to raise money to donate and for funding future community philanthropic projects. In the meantime, they hope to create a momentum for others to pass along a kind thought or gesture.

Whatever the intent, we could all benefit from spreading around a little more positivity.

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