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The Power Of A Purchase

If you have ever wondered what the effect of purchasing a product is, one example of a company that actually makes that possible is Given Goods.

Each product at their marketplace has been chosen for its reciprocal properties, and the stories of the merchandise is also shared with members. They tell how the purchase of each particular item effects the area where it came from as well as the difference it makes for individuals and their families. They also have programs associated with some products that are meant to benefit various humanitarian efforts.

Their interactive community map allows customers to check out what an impact they can make with the items they decide to buy.

This concept goes beyond the typical retail relationship, but includes a social aspect often lost in the mix. Actually showing where it hits home lets consumers realize the power of their financial backing when they buy things.

For instance, something as basic as a bar of soap can be used to make a difference.

Working with the Honor Flight Network, soapmakers Duke Cannon supports military veterans in the U.S. Armed Forces by enabling members to fly to the memorial sites in Washington, D.C.

The Power Of A Purchase

Other items include handcrafted jewelry like this wrap bracelet from Sasa Designs which helps deaf artisanal crafters in Kenya, Africa by offering ethical employment and respect for their skill and products.

The Power Of A Purchase

The company provides statistics that state as many as 85% of those in the deaf community in Kenya are unemployed, as most owners and employers will not consider offering jobs to them because of a potential communication barrier. Luckily, their gorgeous designs are available through places like Given Goods.

Also, this stunning multicolored necklace is artisan made from Ecuador.

The Power Of A Purchase

There are also home items offered at the marketplace.

With the goal of assisting women and children in Mexico these inspiring prints and artwork, which they refer to as “apartment therapy”, are offered through Fresh Words Market.

The Power Of A Purchase

By putting 10% of their profits back into the company, Children Inspire Design uses it to work with nonprofit establishments to offer medical services and job opportunities.

With the flurry of holiday shopping around the corner, it is refreshing to hear of a business model that gives back.

All images are from Given Goods.

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