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Not Just A Caffeine Hit

Since its discovery, coffee has been thought of as a miracle drink. With origins in Ethiopia and domestication in Arabia, coffee is now consumed and produced globally. Many consider coffee a household staple and it is easy to see why. It’s a delicious way to start each morning and provides a necessary jolt any time throughout your day. Drinking coffee daily is shown to have desirable health effects. Including a higher metabolism, improved memory, and a longer lifespan.

But did you know coffee’s value surpasses its use as a stimulating beverage?

Due to its level of acidity, coffee is proficient at cleaning and performing other tasks. And you still get to drink it first! Once you’ve had your coffee, you can use the grounds left in the filter to repel pests. This is great for gardens. Add the used grounds to soil, either mixing them in a bag of soil or adding them directly to your flowerbed or potted plants.

Inside the house, coffee can clean surfaces such as stove burners, which have charcoal-like buildup from frequent exposure to heat. To do this, brew a pot of coffee or reheat unused coffee, preferably the latter. Pour it into a heat resistant container and let the burners steep in the coffee for an hour. Next, scrub and rinse the burners. Then wipe them down and let them shine!

When purchasing coffee, consider buying fair trade brands. This ensures you are supporting fair labor treatment for workers. Under the fair trade act, child labor is prohibited and farmers receive wholesale prices from their crops. To be sure you are buying fair trade coffee, search for brands with the Fair Trade Certification label.

Whether for the health benefits it provides or its distinctive taste, coffee continues to fuel the lives of millions.

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