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Urban Farming

Would it ever be possible for people to walk down their own street and instead of seeing bare land in the landscape visualize urban farms filled with fresh vegetables grown by a community and shared by that same community?

Regardless of whether it is a small cluster of herbs or a larger space covered in fruits and vegetables, it creates the idea of food sustainability within a community. Not only does it spread the ideology of food sustainability, it composes the thought that community collaboration is essential. Urban farming can have a major impact on climate change as well. If many people participated in urban farming the impact could resolve constant pollution caused from the transportation of food.

Most people believe this could never be possible because they live in an apartment or in the center of town, however it is quite possible for each and everyone of us. With patio gardens which use recycled glass jars and old wooden pallets, a kitchen garden is simple to design and almost cost-free. Many of the foods purchased at the local store can be used to start gardens. For example:

  • use the roots of a basil plant to re-grow after using the leaves in a pesto
  • use the bulbs of a spring onion after using the chives in an Asian dish.

Make the most of the food you purchase and with very little effort start your own garden in your kitchen or within your community. The rewards are endless.

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