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The Beauty Of Impermanence

Is it possible to make the beach even more beautiful?

For artist Andres Amador, it is.

The Beauty Of Impermanence

Amador is a sand artist who creates surreal beach murals, also known as playa paintings, which he refers to as earthscape art.

The Beauty Of Impermanence

Taking advantage of the low tide, Amador rakes the sand into patterns and generates geometrical forms as he engraves intricate designs into the beach shore. He also uses a rope to help make the patterns.

The raking reveals the wet sand underneath and creates a notable varied toned presentation in the appearance of the sand.

The Beauty Of Impermanence The Beauty Of Impermanence

The patterns take over the beachfront and observers who later stroll by are able to share, closely inspect the work and contemplate on its wonderment.

Though it takes hours and hours of work to complete one production, they are each soon to be washed away with the tide.

The artist stated that the end result is not the intention of the work. Though definitely spectacular, he attributes the lure of the art to the process, the actual work of developing it and not the final product, as this is where he is in the focused energetic zone that helps him create.

The Beauty Of Impermanence The Beauty Of Impermanence

He speaks of impermanence, and then gives a reminder:

“Then there’s the aspect of impermanence that has been so valuable for me to have had the opportunity to experience in such a creative way. The only constant in this existence is impermanence. In the end our lives are about the experiences we’ve had, not the things we have held on to. And in the face of certain erasure, in the face of our own personal, inevitable demise, the act of rallying forces on behalf of creation and beauty is a declaration of one’s existences in the face of a seemingly indifferent ocean of reality.”

Amador is able to a make living with his environmental artwork, selling postcards of his earthscapes and offering workshops. Most of his creations are made on the beaches of Northern California.

The Beauty Of Impermanence

Take a tour of his gallery to see more of his incredible sand art. For additional information about Amador, check out the following artist profile:

Seeing the beauty in the transitory is important, and appreciating those fleeting moments when we recognize this, or are reminded of this salient and bittersweet truth, are fundamental.

Enjoy the moment.

The Beauty Of Impermanence

All images are the property of Andres Amador.

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