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The Art Of Bicycle Crafting

Bicycles have remained a popular form of transportation for centuries. Before mass production, they were made of available materials.

In 1790 the first recorded bicycle design surfaced. It was made of wood and resembled a scooter. Then in 1816 a follow up to the original was constructed by another inventor which featured a steering bar and 2 wheels that were the same size.

However, there was still an addition that was needed to propel the bicycle into popularity – pedals.

Reportedly an inventor named Kirkpatrick MacMillan came up with the first foot pedal design, but this upgraded version did not catch on until around 1860 when an enhanced model was constructed. It was normal around this time for bicycle tires to be made of wood. Wood was also used for other bike parts, like seats and frames.

Some woodcrafters have concentrated on keeping the art of bicycle crafting in the shop and not on the factory line.

Slawomir Weremkowicz is a renowned woodcrafter that has designed many unique bicycles made entirely of wood. Using a mix of reclaimed and salvaged woods, his creations are intricately handmade works of art.

 The Art Of Bicycle Crafting

Image source: rowery.teatrnn.pl

 The Art Of Bicycle Crafting

Image source: odditycentral.com from biala24.pl

Another example of what a skilled woodworker can do with this beloved 2 wheeled form of transportation comes from a company called Masterworks. Handcrafted from local and recovered woods, their pieces look more like an exhibition than a way to get around town.

These bikes are meant to be used, though. Each handmade detail comes together to form an operational foot powered vehicle. Their products are finished with a low VOC natural rosewood oil that brings out the depth in the wood.

The Art Of Bicycle Crafting The Art Of Bicycle Crafting The Art Of Bicycle Crafting The Art Of Bicycle Crafting

The Art Of Bicycle Crafting

The Art Of Bicycle Crafting

Above images are from Masterworks.

These bicycles are much nicer to look at than traditionally produced ones, and fans of wooden bikes say there is nothing quite like cruising around on a handcrafted original wood design.

If you are up for making your own wooden bicycle, or just curious to see what it entails, check out Wooden Bikes. There are plans included for building a range of wooden bikes, some stylish, some quirky. Also, this diagram can be printed and labeled as a resource for kids to use for learning about parts or for coming up with their own building plans.

People love to travel, and wooden bicycle designs add a stylish spin to an ecologically sound and budget friendly choice for getting around.

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