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Help Kids Go Green

In today’s day and age, eco-friendliness is a trending topic just about everywhere you look.

However, kids might not understand the importance of eco-friendliness. For that, we present to you a wonderful list of websites, games, and creative imagination that will help you teach your children how to go green.

Planet Pals
This is an interactive and colorful website designed to help educate your children on what conservation means. There are games, crafts, cool activities, and a wealth of information formatted for your child’s understanding. There are resources for parents and teachers alike, so visit Planet Pals today.

Amazon Green Toys
Online retailers such as Amazon often have entire pages dedicated to toys either built with recyclable materials, or toys created for promoting eco-friendliness. You can visit Amazon’s green toys page following the link we’ve just provided.

Family-Built Compost Bin
Take your kids out back and build a family compost bin. This will encourage them to explore their surroundings and develop a new appreciation for nature(though, as kids with vivid imaginations, we usually appreciate nature quite a bit!) Make the outdoors a fun life lesson for the whole family.

Plant A Garden
Buy some seeds, dig a few holes in front of your house, or out back, and plant flowers, trees, or vegetables. Help your children water and care for their new garden until they get the hang of it themselves. This will help them become responsible and disciplined, and will instill knowledge they will pass on to their future kids.

Buy Them A Bicycle
Bikes promote eco-friendliness, and getting your kids to bike places rather than driving them in the car will help them understand energy independence at an early age. They’re also great for exercise and building healthy bodies, which is a win from every angle you look at it.


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