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12 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Eco Gift Guide 2013

Want to show a little appreciation on Mother’s Day with a gift she will love?

Presents with the added bonus of being ecologically mindful are especially thoughtful. Consider the following ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that carry a meaningful message.

1. Sustainable Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry is always a nice touch, and pieces that are sustainably made will be even more appreciated. Acorn and Archer has eye-catching selections made from salvaged woods and recycled resources. For mixed metal and silver designs, alice roche jewelry features polished products made with reclaimed materials.

Acorn Archer

2. Handbags and Purses

Moms need bags for all of the things they have to carry around. REVEAL has environmentally friendly handbags and purses, as well as shells, covers and bags for iGear and eReaders.

Reveal Bag

3. Organic Wraps

Give the gift of comfort with something soft to wrap up in. Indigenous has artisan made wraps, ponchos and scarves produced  from organic, Fair Trade fabrics that are also colored with low impact dyes.


4. Organic Tea/Coffee/Chocolate

Soothing teas, aromatic coffees and chocolates are never a wrong choice. Løv Organic has enticing blends of organic teas, and offers 3 free samples with their orders. Coffee drinking mothers never tire of a quality flavor to try. One to taste test is Jim’s Organic Coffee, which is naturally hand roasted at a fully organic facility. Great with tea, coffee or alone, Theo has Fair Trade chocolate that is made with Fair For Life organic cocoa beans.

Lov Organic Tea

5. Shoes

Mothers want to have fashionable footwear too. Tom’s offers a One for One option, which will provide a pair to someone who needs them with each purchase. They also help others receive eye exams and care by supporting sustainable organizations that connect people with eye health needs.

Toms Shoes

6. Eco Clothing

Moms may sometimes skimp on themselves, tending to everyone else. Adding to their wardrobe with a distinctive design will give them a little splurge they don’t have to feel guilty about. Little Green Dress makes beautifully designed artisan clothing by working closely with actual crafters, not mass-market retailers. Their sustainable, slow fashion antithesis to off the rack wear will ensure she has a one of a kind, thoughtfully made garment.

Little Green Dress

7. Natural Candles

An excuse to stop and savor a moment of flickering relaxation, candles are great ideas for busy moms. Ecoya uses sustainably derived soybeans and palm oils to create long lasting, chemical free home fragrances.

Ecoya Candles8. Indoor Plants

Indoor greenery brings a piece of the outdoors in. Living plants help improve indoor air quality and provide calming, aesthetic appeal to any room.
The Half Moon Terrarium from the The New York Botanical Garden can be filled with earthy materials like soil, moss, ferns and stones for an indoor plant present that is a delightful spin on the usual flower arrangement.


9. Organic Perfumes

Aromatic notes awaken the senses and are an instant source of luxury. A Perfume Organic has hand poured, vegan fragrances. Even the packaging is sustainably designed, and perfume containers have integrated flower seeds that can be planted.
A Perfume

10. Bamboo Cooking Utensils

Cooking utensils come in a range of prices and are a functionally beautiful gift. Bambu has affordable, locally handcrafted cooking and serving implements made from certified organic bamboo with no glues.

Bambu Utensils

11. Organic Skincare and Makeup

Luxurious, natural potions for the face and body indulge while fostering radiant skin. The Organic Pharmacy  has skincare products that are made with all natural extracts from plants. Also, their Organic Glam makeup is fragrance and preservative free. The line has been perfected with minerals, herbal extracts and antioxidants for a boost of facial vitality. A free sample with orders is also available.

Organic Pharmacy

12. Tablet Case Covers

For the cool mom with just the right touch of edge, try an unexpected gift. Vindicated Vinyl has magnificent bags and cases for tablets that are made from recycled record album covers.

Vindicated Vinyl

Mother’s Day is an international day of celebration and recognition of women who nurture, support and help develop those around them. Showing thankfulness in the form of an earth conscious gift is an ideal way to actively appreciate and be able to give back to one who has given so much of herself.

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