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Garlic and Weight Loss

Garlic is a health-promoting superfood that helps to protect against cancer and heart disease.

It also has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which means that consuming it regularly may reduce the risk of suffering colds and flus. In addition, new research suggests that garlic may provide weight loss benefits.

Korean researchers spent eight weeks fattening up a group of mice, after which they continued to provide a fattening diet but supplemented it with garlic for seven additional weeks. Both fat and overall body weight were reduced among the garlic-eating mice, along with the negative health impacts of the fattening diet (Sass, 2011).

In another study, researchers gave a synthetic version of allicin (a compound found in garlic) to rats consuming a high-sugar diet to determine its effect on the risk of developing diabetes and heart attacks. The compound eliminated plaque build-up in the rats’ arteries (a risk factor for heart attacks), reduced diabetes symptoms, and decreased blood pressure.

A control group of rats not receiving the allicin compound did not enjoy the same health-protective effects. Although the study was not designed to evaluate allicin’s effect on body weight specifically, the researchers found that the rats receiving the compound did not gain weight, which sparked their interest in researching allicin’s potential as a weight loss aid (Chapman, n.d.).

More research is required to determine whether or not people enjoy the same weight control benefits from eating garlic. However, given that garlic provides a cornucopia of health benefits, it’s worth eating whether or not it proves to be a weight loss aid.

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