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Step Forward Paper: A Step In The Right Direction

Step Forward Paper: A Step In The Right Direction

Prairie Paper Ventures, Inc. is a privately owned establishment initiated by environmental advocate and actor Woody Harrelson over 15 years ago. The paper company makes its product by using a sustainable mix of wheat straw and recycled fibers, which they call Step Forward Paper.

Step Forward Paper: A Step In The Right Direction80% of the paper is made from the blend, and it does not use any portion of the food supply, nor does it use trees. It is also Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

For now it is made in India at an ecomill that has shown to have the ability to sustainably produce the agricultural and ecologically based paper. But the idea is to expand the mills in areas where wheat straw is established and leftover harvests are available, with a time frame for accomplishing this by around 2016. This would not only develop the product, but would create green employment opportunities and offer additional prospects to farmers.

Harrelson reminded that the current process of making paper means that half of the forests on a worldwide scale are cut down. The production mills, like the current one, would be off the grid and chlorine free. Manufacturing 2 boxes of this type of paper actually saves 1 tree.

It is currently available in the U.S. and Canada, and is said to be high quality and affordable. A quick price comparison shows that it is comparable in price to some brands of recycled paper, but it is still much higher priced than off-brands of regular copy paper.

Offsetters, a carbon management and solutions supplier performed research on the paper and found that wheat straw types along with 100% recycled tree fibers have the least environmental impact, according to their indicators.

While people may want to select a more environmentally conscious product, if it is not in the budget, there is often no choice. As with many quality made and ecologically focused products, there needs to be an affordable solution for individual consumers and businesses to be able to purchase them. This is often an issue, since items that are quality made and are more favorable for the environment can often cost more to produce.

Finding ways to make everyday products smarter, starting with the production process, is definitely needed. Though the cost end of it all may still need some adjusting in order for the majority of consumers to be able to afford greener items, efforts toward products that make a difference is a step in the right direction.

Request a sample from the website if you want to check out their paper.

Images are from Step Forward Paper.

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