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Space Tube Transportation of the Future

Space Tube Transportation of the Future

Image source: et3.com

The human need to propel with man-made forms of travel can be found throughout history.

Transportation is a necessity for daily schedules but things like emissions, particulate matter and carbon monoxide are obviously not so good for the environment.

Daryl Oster wants to fix this issue with his version of space inspired mobility called Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies, or ET3™.

It doesn’t rely on fossil fuels, can be a cost effective mode of transport and won’t even cause noise pollution. Oh, and if you need to cut down your commute or business travel time, it can also go faster than your average jet.

Forced by electric motors running along a guided trail, sort of like an expressway traveling through the air, the pre-routed tubes hold just enough space for passengers to glide through. The pods move through the vacuum sealed enclosures, going through airlock points and stop at predetermined areas along the way. They slow down via a linear generator that works to recuperate the energy used for take-off.

The concept was featured in the Create the Future Design Contest, a competition open to the most revolutionized entries in advanced engineering around the globe.

Space Tube Transportation of the Future

Image source: contest.techbriefs.com

Space Tube Transportation of the Future

Image source: contest.techbriefs.com

It promises to be more economically viable and offer more transportation capacity than automobiles, trains and many other forms of existing transport.

According to the inventor:

Travel in the evacuated environment of space is the most proven form of travel in the universe – the average human travels over 300 billion miles per lifetime. We can mimic travel in nature by bringing space travel conditions down to earth. Maximum Benefit/Cost = Maximum Value.

ET3™ is literally ‘Space Travel on Earth,’ a global transportation system that is silent, low cost, fast, secure, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Check out the following videos as well as their YouTube video playlist for some informative visuals.

This greener, globally accessible idea will have to generate some big green cash to take off though, so it’s unlikely the space ride will be available on earth in time for the next rush hour.

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