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Software That Shows How A Living Cell Works

Developments in medical research can provide significant discoveries that lead to innovative applications in the real world.

Researchers from Stanford University have designed a new way of seeing how cells operate. They have developed an inclusive model of a specific type of bacterium, a single-celled microbe called Mycoplasma genitalium.

Software That Shows How A Living Cell Works

Image source: Mycoplasma genitalium whole-cell model figure from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

The computer based simulator replicates a single-celled organism and demonstrates how it works. The program includes entire sets of data from over 3,000 model simulations that show development and division processes.

Software That Models How A Cell Works

Image source: simtk.org/home/wholecell

The video provides a glimpse into the whole-cell model.

This impressive endeavor is made accessible by the creators through WholeCellViz, the software program that allows users to visually analyze the simulations.

The first of its kind, the software model opens up a whole new way to study and learn about cellular processes. For instance, this type of resource would allow more expedient looks into preliminary ideals or examinations, without having to finance a study or activate a fully staffed laboratory just to answer a few initial questions.

The design is still being adjusted, and could possibly contain more information and resources in the future. According to the researchers, a goal is to be able to generate programs that fully detail other human biological systems, like organs. Modifications to the software to make it more comprehensive are in the works, and the developers are surely excited as they further the process.

Combining the latest in technology, science and research is leading to interesting advancements.

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