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Which Are The Most Climate Progressive Nations?

While the list of countries embracing green reformation and eco-conscious living is growing each year, only a select few hold the title of “World’s Most Climate Progressive Countries”.

Several of them may surprise you, and a few are obvious additions to the list.

Wales — With its massive offshore wind farms, experiments with tidal wave energy, and housing Europe’s leading eco-center, Wales has made a name for itself among eco-friendly nations. Gas-guzzling countries, take note; this is how change is supposed to look.

Iceland — Well-known for getting most of its energy from renewable sources, Iceland is near the tip-top of our list. It’s a smaller country, but that doesn’t mean innovation escapes their engineers. Breakthroughs in geothermal, hydroelectric, wind power, and solar power are among Iceland’s claims to fame.

Norway — Its beautiful fjords, lakes, mountains, and waterfalls are all protected under Norway’s environmental laws. That’s part of the reason this country is able to remain in pristine condition, and why they look to alternative energy methods to power the country’s infrastructure.

France — Controversially, most of the french-speaking nation’s power comes from nuclear energy facilities. It produces nuclear waste, which the country’s scientists have become prolific in properly disposing of, but it also emits zero carbon waste. This is but one of France’s many innovative energy approaches.

Columbia — As one of the world’s leading mass-transit fuel-efficiency innovators, Columbia is a beautiful and well-kept tourist paradise. They also make good use of wind and solar power, and continue to lead the world in eco-innovation.

Is it surprising that the United States of America, Russia, China, and other similar superpowers didn’t make the list?

It really shouldn’t be, considering the tremendous amount of pollution these countries put into the atmosphere each year. While it’s true that America has developed numerous eco-innovations, they just haven’t been implemented enough for it to make a dent in the pollution dumping.

Perhaps in the next few years as green policy making beings to affect change, these nations will join the rare elite in the coveted eco-friendly category.

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