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Waterways Pollution

Springtime will be upon us in a few short months, which means boating, fishing, and other aquatic activities aren’t far behind. Setting sail on the water, be it the open sea, the river, or the pond out back, is a fun experience for everyone, but can become quite dangerous for the environment if one is careless.

Illegal dumping, accidental poisoning of rivers, and oil leakage contribute to wildlife damage each year, and much of this can be avoided if boaters were to be a little more conscious of their actions. Simple tips such as properly disposing of waste, litter, and sewage go a long way towards solving the problem.

It can be easy and convenient to toss small trash overboard, like cardboard, fishing lines, and other items, but the impact you may have on the environment can be quite disastrous. For example: some trash items take years, even centuries to decompose. By that time, entire ecosystems of plant and animal life could have been irreparably damaged.

Some of the most commonly dumped trash items include cardboard boxes, paper pieces, styrofoam from coolers, plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic and styrofoam utensils, and more. This all can be avoided by taking the proper steps to prevent the cluttering of our water systems.

Take a trash bag or trash can onto your boat, kayak, or canoe to collect waste. Keep track of your fish hooks and fishing lines, beer/pop bottles, plastic bags, etc when you’re fishing on the boat or the waterside. And if you’re picnicking, pack extra trash bags, or place your waste into your coolers to take home with you for disposal.

Teach your children about the responsibility we all have towards keeping our planet clean and well-kept, because the next few generations will inherit the planet we leave behind, along with our good and bad living habits.

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