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Go Green Warehouse

In my previous article concerning the Green Jobs for Veterans organization, one of the programs mentioned was the Go Green Warehouse.

Like other Green Jobs for Veterans programs, Go Green Warehouse hires both veterans and non-veterans, with a natural preference for the former.

Located in Denver, Colorado, the warehouse has two main functions, as it is both a green thrift store to homeowners and a program that provides veterans with stable employment.

This is not a random merger of causes, and as we explore the details of each separately it may become more clear that the success of one greatly affects that of the other.

Green Service
The retail side of Go Green Warehouse strives to make home improvement eco-friendly and affordable. They are stocked with about every item and material a homeowner may need, from furniture and hardware to plumbing and appliances. Most of their merchandise consists of recycled materials and furniture, ensuring good pieces get a new life rather than mounting in a landfill.

They sell both new and used home merchandise for up to 75% less than retail price, making house building and maintenance less economically draining. You can add to their inventory by donating items you no longer need. Doing so helps stunt landfill growth, saves you space in your home, and provides shoppers of the warehouse with more affordable items to use in their own homes. Plus, every time you donate or purchase an item, you support veterans and broaden their chances of gainful employment, which brings us to the program’s other half.

Veterans Service
Returning veterans need to support themselves and their families. As they risked their lives to protect their country in war zones, it seems fitting that upon returning home veterans would use their skills to protect their native land from environmental disaster. The Go Green Warehouse enables them to do so, by hiring veterans directly and connecting them with other employment opportunities in the green sector. This is much needed in a time when the veteran unemployment rate is above the national average.

It is difficult coming back to non-war zone society, especially after experiencing trauma. Unemployment is already an issue amongst the average population, but is made more challenging when you have to readjust to civilian life.  Many veterans also face the challenge of learning to cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which may deter prospective employers who aren’t familiar in handling its psychological effects. This is made easier at the Go Green Warehouse, as the staff are veterans themselves and understand the links to military related experience.

The Go Green Warehouse has already provided veterans the opportunity for professional advancement and enabled them to serve their communities as leaders in environmental protection. To further ensure the success of veterans they created the Transition Employment Program to make adapting to civilian life easier, and they’re not stopping there. In early 2012, Veterans Green Jobs ran a pilot program called Permanent Change of Station. The goal of this program was to provide homeless veterans with transitional employment. The end result had a high success rate with over 50% of participants receiving permanent job placement.

If you live near Denver and wish to help veterans, you can volunteer at the Go Green Warehouse. Volunteers help by running the cash register, stocking shelves, and providing customer support.

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