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Green Jobs for Veterans

Despite the gratitude we have towards veterans and the courageous acts they perform, there is not enough being done to honor their services when they return.

It is refreshing, then, to learn of organizations like Veterans Green Jobs, who connect veterans of all eras with employment opportunities in the green sector.

Veterans Green Jobs was founded in 2008, in Denver, Colorado and seems to be the perfect union of veteran job placement and environmental protection.  They strive to equipped veterans with skills that can transfer to meaningful green jobs. Helping veterans gain stability with careers that serve an important role in creating a better environment through innovation, restoration, and conservation. This is done through on-the-job training, conducted in a combination of classroom and fieldwork.

The programs offered to veterans cover crucial industries needed to help the community and environment, while also providing veterans with a broad range of career options. The employment programs include:

  • Green and Healthy Homes
  • Go Green Warehouse
  • Outdoor Conservation
  • Wild-land Fire Fighting
  • Solar Services
  • Heating and Air-Conditioning Services

The Green and Healthy Homes program has helped low income clients by providing maintenance to their homes. By making homes more efficient, the client’s already limited income isn’t drained on utility bills and can be used on necessities like food, clothes, and medication. Solar and Heating and Air-Conditioning services  also improve the efficiency of buildings, lowering their overall utility costs.

Beyond the confines of the built environment, the Outdoor Conservation program offers seasonal employment conserving and protecting wildland by reducing wildfire hazards, maintaining trails, and doing watershed restoration. Also offering seasonal employment in wild-land protection, Wild-land Fire Fighting services places veterans in career path with State and Federal agencies, and provides veterans with hands on experience in fire mitigation on public lands.

As for the Go Green Warehouse, it may require more time to fully describe all the positive operations it entails. Because of this, I will dedicate an article solely to the Go Green Warehouse in the near future. For now it can be said Go Green Warehouse is a discount material warehouse that sales recycled materials to help homeowners, builders, and house-flippers save money and resources.

So far, Veterans Green Jobs have served over 500 veterans, and are currently working to place 300 veterans in jobs by mid-2013.

To donate, volunteer, or hire a veteran, please visit veteransgreenjobs.org

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