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Reckless Endangerment

There is only so much a reasonable perspective can allow for ridiculous and inane policy proposals, and every single line that has been drawn has been crossed by Mitt Romney and the Romney campaign.

While there is time for unbiased criticism of policy, there comes a point when an event proves a policy so incorrect, and so out of touch with reason, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to justify considering it legitimate. Hurricane Sandy is an event which does all those things, and though devastating, it has shown the policies proposed by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are asinine and ludicrous.

On the heels of Mitt Romney saying FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should be eliminated, and Paul Ryan proposing a budget which makes severe cuts to the national weather service, Hurricane Sandy has granted to opportunity to compare current policy to the policies which Romney and Ryan advocate. Unsurprisingly, the organizations subject to the chopping block under a hypothetical Romney/Ryan administration have been critical in handling not only the lead-up to Hurricane Sandy’s landfall, but also in facilitating a response plan to care for those affected. Simply stated, it would be an even worse disaster if Romney and Ryan were in office, given the millions of desperate people would go without much needed aid.

From an environmental perspective, a Romney/Ryan administration would have issued policies making it easier for greenhouse-gas producers to emit toxins into the atmosphere, exacerbating climate concerns and effects. While it is still unclear the effect of climate change on Hurricane Sandy, it can be assumed the pro-fossil-fuel policies which would be in place would not curb or combat the effect climate change has had on any storm, not just the hurricane. It is an effort to play with fire and not get burned, which has not had a historically successful track record.

It is not the intention to say the Obama administration doesn’t have its faults when it comes to emergency management or environmental policy, but it is clear the current methods and policies are much more effective than any proposed policy from Romney or Ryan could ever hope to be. The decision for who to support is incredibly important, but it isn’t often the chance is given to see the ramifications and the potential for a fallout of failed policy before the policy can be implemented.

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