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The Shopping Bag Bra!

In an effort to save money and attract clientele with an environmentally friendly stance, a London nightclub has taken sustainability to the next level.

It’s a fascinating concept that produces 60% of the electricity the nightclub needs.

They have floors that consist of springs which, when compressed by dancers, produce electrical currents which are stored in batteries.

Even on a small scale, innovation for sustainable products continues to inspire. A Canadian has invented a sink called the Zen Garden Sink. It is designed to use the wasted water from hand washing to water a plant that lives in the sink. There is an inbuilt system inside it that filters all the soap out.

This idea is brilliant as even though it’s watering just one plant, it would give a sense of satisfaction every time you wash your hands that you are doing your bit to help save the earth’s water.

Perhaps the wackiest ‘green’ idea ever is the shopping bag bra!

The bra, from Triumph International, is made from polyester fibre, which has been recycled from plastic bottles. Amusingly it can convert into a shopping bag. Fantastic if you forgot your shopping bag whilst at the store, but how exactly do you remove the bra without a little indecent exposure?

Any idea that reduces the waste of plastic bottles and bags is a good one, but this seems to belong in the far fetched category.

When the bra is being worn, the “shopping bag” portions are folded away inside the bra cups, where they serve as extra padding. The bra converts to a shopping bag by removing the bag portions from the cups and connecting the hooks on the bra’s underwire.

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