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10 Most Influential Eco Bloggers

It’s no secret that the internet is more than saturated with blogs of all topics, varying quality, consistency, and importance. Still, most of us have a few favorites we enjoy following and gaining some value from.

We at Blacklemag believe strongly in the topic of environmentalism, and as such, would like to present a list of 10 eco bloggers we feel are definitely worth checking out.

Michael d’Estries



Michael is one of the first true Green bloggers back when platforms such as WordPress and Blogger were just beginning to take off in popularity. His blog Groovy Green was created in 2006 to discuss sustainability and conservation. He also co-founded the popular green blog Ecorazzi.

Brad Johnson



Image source: www.businessclassinc.com

Brad is perhaps most well-known as the Editor of ThinkProgress Green, and the Editor of Hill Heat. He writes smart political & environmental pieces, interviews celebrities, entrepreneurs, and government officials on the topic of eco-activism, and more.

Alexis Madrigal


Image source: www.twitter.com

Alexis is a senior writer over at The Atlantic, and the author/co-author of a few different eco-conscious novels. He began as a prolific blogger for Wired Science, which has since become one of the best science blogs on the internet.

Doreen Kukral


Image source: www.digitalbooklaunch.com

Doreen is best known as the founder/editor of Mom Goes Green. She’s written several novels on the subject of going green at home and saving money.

Deanna Duke


Image source: www.groovygreenlivin.com

Deanna is the founder/editor of The Crunchy Chicken, and has written a few eco-conscious novels. In 2012, Deanna won the 2012 Silver Award in the Health/Medicine/Nutrition category of the Independent Publishers Book Awards.

Alexandra Zissu


Image source: www.maternityinstitute.com

Alexandra is an eco-writer, a health consultant, the author of four eco-conscious books, a public speaker, and a mom.

Nick Aster


Image source: www.ecouterre.com

Nick is one of the original media architects and the CTO of Treehugger, which is easily one of the most-visited eco-blogs on the internet. He helped build the site back in 2004, during which he also wrote for Gawker, and consulted for Nike, MacWorld, and other media groups.

Tim Hurst


Image source: www.twitter.com

Tim created Ecopolitology in 2007 as a means to organize his thoughts and ideas while in graduate school. He is also an editor at Earth & Industry.

Dave Connell


Image source: www.twitter.com

Dave is a social consultant and blogger for the Nature Conservancy, and helps run Planet Change, which inspires people to get active in the issue of climate change.

Zoe Tryon



Image source: www.facebook.com

Zoe is a renowned environmental activist, fighting for the Amazon Rainforest, indigenous rights, and cultural conservation. She is a blogger, speaker, photographer, and entrepreneur. Zoe also founded One of The Tribe; a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting tribal lands in Ecuador.

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