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Green Project Gives Back To The Community

The Green Project, not to be confused with The Green House Project, is an activist endeavor to put recycled and used materials back into circulation in local communities.

Essentially, the Project saves usable materials from landfills and other dumping sites, holds them in a warehouse, and sells them back to the community at super affordable prices. The Project also teaches the importance of living eco-consciously.


Image source: www.thegreenproject.org

The Project has been active since 1994 in Los Angeles, and offers a wide variety of ways to get involved. Donations are tax-deductible, you can give used material, and the Project is always looking for willing volunteers to keep the spirit of conservation alive.

They offer workshops for children, adults, and families, a community outreach program to spread awareness, and an eco-curriculum for schools and home school clubs to participate. On the buyer’s side of things, some of the materials the Project has for sale include paint, lumber, tools, construction equipment, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, etc.


Image source: wwwjirehlumber.com

The Green Project’s website also provides a recycling guide, with quick tips and advice for smart recycling and conservation. If you don’t have time to volunteer or money to donate, you can always consider becoming a member of the Project. This will give you certain benefits and discounts on purchases, newsletters, workshop invitations, and more.

If anything, The Green Project places a spotlight on the necessity of conservation and reusability. Imagine if we didn’t have a need for massive, ugly landfills, and instead placed our unwanted, but entirely usable, material in warehouses to allow other people to reuse. That sort of community-focused vision is part of the Project’s future awareness goals, and they’re pretty achievable, in my opinion.

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