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The Bioneers

Hatched in 1990, the idea of the Bioneers, a word that was introduced by Kenny Ausubel, began to spring into action.

Bioneers as defined, seek to uphold biological and cultural diversity, and take a more natural approach to the scientific and medicinal fields.

Also biomimicry, or going back to nature as the model for problem solving, is the school of thought. Bioneers include a group of earth aware, educated individuals demanding change and examining new and justifiable ways of arriving at solutions.

Initially, Bioneer efforts were interested in native cultural and bio-diversification, sustainable farming and conservation. Bioremediation, or naturally dealing with pollution through the use of living systems, was also a focus. Still active today, this over 20 year old group is continually growing. National as well as community conferences are held to inform and inspire, focusing on pivotal issues that are important in communal areas as well as on the global scene.

Starting over two decades ago, issues have evolved, but there is still a deep-rooted interest in facing environmental concerns head-on. Things like climate change and global warming are key topics. Other educational, scientific and medical matters are also at the forefront of the Bioneer pressing gauge.

Ecology research has warned of destructive shifts in the earth. Unnatural changes to the atmosphere and the planet has caused, and continues to cause, perilous effects like threats to biodiversity. For instance, 30-50% of the earth’s natural biology and cultural diversity has been devastated (Ausubel, K).

Bioneers hold special interest in not just putting a patch on this fact, but to find innovative ways of doing things, like living and working in sync with nature instead of repeating destructive patterns. Other current topic agendas include equality, defending the Amazon, community construction and sustainable food and farming methods.

Bioneer programs are currently in motion, such as indigenous directives like Dreaming New Mexico. This is a leading cooperative initiative that takes a holistic approach to fixing prevalent environmental and social concerns, starting at the source.

Education for Action is also a concerted effort that promotes teaching sustainable ways of living. The Indigeneity Program consists of Bioneers who recognize the importance of protecting traditional ecological knowledge, or holding on to the immense education that native peoples have to offer. These are just a few of the actions that have been organized.

Bioneer platforms contain a progressive assembly of people committed to others as well as the environment, and understand that we need to live in accordance with earth’s natural balance instead of offsetting it. It is refreshing to know there are great minds, and great deeds, at work that make a real difference.

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