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BYO Coffee Cup

Starbucks has introduced a new plastic reusable cup that they are selling for only one dollar. It seems to be a hit among the Starbucks customers out there.

It pays for itself quickly with the 10 cent discount Starbucks offers to people who bring their own cup. Customers also do not have to worry about losing or misplacing the cup since it is only one dollar.

Starbucks put its eco-friendly idea to work in 600 Pacific Northwest stores starting in October. In November, Starbucks saw a 26% increase in the usage of reusable cups compared to November of the previous year.

In 2008, the motivated Starbucks Company set a goal of selling 25% of their coffee in reusable cups by 2015. They were nowhere close and eventually changed the goal from 25% reusable cups to 5% in personal tumblers. They dropped the refillable cups goal altogether.

Starbucks has shifted the responsibility from something they do, to something you do. Instead of providing reusable cups for their customers, they want their customers to purchase a refillable cup, clean it and carry it around.

Starbucks has seen more than a 55 percent increase in personal tumbler use over the past three years, but have experienced challenges along the way. The challenges and the fact that the majority of beverages are consumed outside of coffee shops, is why Starbucks is resetting their goal. The new goal focuses on increasing the use of personal tumblers and to serve 5 percent of all beverages made in their stores in personal tumblers.

Starbucks seems to be focusing on a takeout or drive thru solution, as opposed to the restaurant style reusable glass for beverages. Starbucks saw success in the 600 stores in the Pacific Northwest during their trial run and will soon be rolling out the cups nationwide and in Canada.

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