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Support from the Masses

A recent poll conducted by Ipsos-Reid shows nine out of ten respondents favor solar energy as part of a U.S. energy policy and a bigger part of the energy supply.

Additionally, 81% believe solar power should be used in state and federal residencies, such as governor’s houses and the White House, and 80% want their elected representatives to support solar energy.

Further, 81% of respondents said decreasing dependency on fossil fuels is good for the economy and environment, and 80% said financial benefits are the biggest advantages to solar power.

Finally, 72% believe solar industry jobs are better than their fossil fuel counterparts for the economy and environment, and 4 out of 10 also think solar jobs would boost local economies and reduce energy costs.

While this is just one poll and cannot possibly encapsulate the array of opinions regarding solar energy, it does show solar power support is growing and widening, which is good for the country. However, a disconnect between the people and their elected representative is still present, since many representatives have ignored how their districts feel about solar power. If President Obama is re-elected and stays true to his promises and commitments, solar power will be a significant part of an energy plan, but the plans he’s promoting must go through Congress first. If Congress derails or slows the passage of a progressive energy policy, then nothing will really have been done.

This is a constant problem, though.

Proper representation of the people instead of a representative using their position to acquire power has been a thorn in the side of a representational democracy since its implementation. The country is in a unique position now though, since the vast majority of Americans support renewable energy, especially solar power. If voters continue to feel their representatives aren’t representing them, then it could get interesting.

For now, let us hope the strong support from the people will convince Congress to act.

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