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Going Back for More

Amidst the outrage from environmental advocacy groups after Shell Oil grounded its oil rig off of the Alaskan Coast, the company still has full intentions of returning to the waters to drill for oil in 2013.

Shell is going back for more, even after proving to themselves and the country that the company simply cannot compete with the natural weather and climate of the region.

The company was unable to protect its equipment during a winter storm, which is understandable, but certainly says something about the area they are in and the dangers of operating there. Further, the area in which the rig ran aground was further south than Shell has plans for drilling—they want to go further north, where the weather gets worse, when they can’t even handle the weather where they were.

The worst part, as of now (since the damage to the rig and the environment are unknown), is the inability for Shell Oil recovery ships to rescue the free-floating oil rig when it became detached from the tow ship during its transport. The tow ship tried and failed to recover the oil rig multiple times, and even a second ship brought in to assist in the recovery was unable to do anything.

The only thing that did manage to stop the oil rig was land near Kodiak Island. Mistakes are bound to happen, especially in such turbulent weather.

The problem is not that a mistake was made, but that the plans to fix the mistake did not work, and the company did not know what to do when their “fail-safes” failed.

The audacity of the company could be easily mistaken as tenacity by an advocate for the company and/or oil exploration and extraction. But it is not tenacity—it is irresponsibility at best, and idiotic lunacy at worst.

At a certain point, the adage, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” yields to be true, and one must say, “you should probably give up after not succeeding that many times.”

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