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Taking Advantage of Rain

Summer is upon Swaziland, and summer rains are in abundance with rains experienced five days in a week on average. This article is dedicated to the many Swazi homes that have made a change and decided to take full advantage of the season.

Many Swazi homes in both rural and urban areas have installed external water tanks for water recycling purposes. It seems that the average Swazi has heeded the call to save tap water by using tap water for domestic purposes that do not necessarily require tap water. These water tanks are strategically placed where the roof gutter deposits rain water.

When it rains the water tank is filled with water that is used for numerous purposes.In the urban areas, rain water is used for purposes such as washing the car, gardening, and washing windows. In the rural areas such water is usually treated for human consumption, and doing the laundry.

The importance of taking advantage of alternative water sources cannot be overstated. Water sources around the world are either running dry or being contaminated.

The expenses associated with treating undrinkable water at a large scale are prohibitive, the United Arab Emirates is an example of large scale water treatment, and the amounts quoted are too quite high. It is therefore important to make sure that water is preserved by all possible means.

It often is considered a hyperbole when it is said that the next world war will be fought over resources such as water, but the fact that there already are small recorded communal conflicts hints at the looming disaster which may ensue as a result of water shortage. The climatic problems have also altered the “normal” length for seasons so it may be that in many territories dry winters are longer than what they used to be.

Swazis must be commended for making the necessary change, and may they serve as an example to other developing nations.

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