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Social Media Society

Social Media Society

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The impact of social media on society’s development hasn’t fully been measured just yet, but we can see that its impression has spread worldwide and in places one wouldn’t expect.

Recently, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have become the mediums through which revolutions rise and fall, the final say in political elections, and the grapevine for all of the world’s gossip to flow.

This behavioral trend would explain why nearly 1 billion users spend their time on Facebook, how Twitter has nearly 200 million followers, and how social media is replacing traditional media in some instances as the lead real-time news source.

So what does this mean in the business and development industry? And how do companies capitalize on social networking’s growth?

Advertising is the primary method, and lots of it. A business can expand their reach from 100 thousand potential customers to 100 million in minutes. The second is by having a great social networking department to capture consumer’s interest in their product line.

But what about the tech and design industry? For electronics makers, this means advanced social media integration, better applications, more privacy options, and faster ways to post thoughts and opinions to your friends/followers. For design companies such as Fab.com, this means creating a structure of sharing and re-posting consumer’s purchases, product likes and favorites, and popular trends. The chic design retailer’s website is setup specifically for public buying and selling, and it works. Rather than scour through various product categories, a potential customer can watch a live-feed of consumer activity to help them discover new and exciting items.

Fab also has terrific social integration and supports multiple operating platforms while appealing to a creative and far reaching base of customers. This would appear to be the perfect use of retail networking, and a model for others to learn from. Companies like Amazon and eBay have similar means through which they share purchases, such as recommending products related to the ones you’ve scrolled through and/or bought.

It’s evident that social media has a place in modern society, and as it continues to grow and expand further into our everyday routine, we’ll see it evolve from a pleasant convenience and into a lifestyle necessity.

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