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Given the slow recovery of the U.S. economy, every economic solution must be explored. Obviously, there are solutions that are more credible than others. The legitimacy of oil and nuclear energy has greatly diminished by the negative effects they have on the environment, people, and recent disasters. On the other hand, renewable energy has had its credibility strengthened by technological advancements and the fact that these energies are renewable.

There are many obstacles renewable energy implementation faces, but the foundation of these obstacles is that a strong, robust renewable energy economy requires an energy revolution. Opponents of renewable energy are quick to resist renewable energy by pointing out there isn’t money in the economy to spend on renewable energy research, and additional spending would unnecessarily add to the debt. That simply isn’t the case. The basic concern of Americans is jobs. An energy revolution would create jobs.

Short-term solutions, like construction jobs of all kinds, would become available, be it building wind farms, installing solar panels, or reworking the American energy grid. Wind farms and solar panel farms would bolster the U.S. energy production while reducing the reliance on oil and contributing to a cleaner, more efficient energy system. Efficiency is a strength of renewable energy, which is why the U.S. energy grid should be the first step in an energy revolution. Frankly, the current energy grid is not the proper system for renewable energy since it was engineered for an entirely different system of energy. The current system of energy storage is not adequate for renewable energy. Retro-fitting the energy grid, or even starting from scratch, would provide not only tens of thousands of short-term jobs but also thousands of long-term jobs.

Looking forward, the U.S. could have roads and highways which power themselves; cars on the roads would be able to get energy from the road; buildings could be powered with a fraction of the energy needed now. The possibilities of renewable energy are essentially limitless—what is needed is commitment and participation in a renewable energy revolution.

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