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Making a Difference

Many, many of us are trying to reduce our global footprint (about 90%, if you live in Canada).

What some people have noticed, though, is that the news reports of 85% of Africa’s rainforests are gone, fish are getting genders mixed up, and the earth keeps getting hotter and dirtier.

This makes many slump down in exhaustion because our lovely planet is still being hurt, despite all the newspaper garbage bags and organic veggies that one may buy.

If you’re feeling blue because of trying to be green and not seeing much happen, perhaps some words of encouragement are in order.

Think the small actions don’t count? If every person in Britain boiled only the water the needed for a cup of tea rather than a pot of tea, they could power their streetlamps for 7 years. Better?

Now, don’t go all ‘I’m only one person.’ Everyone is only one person. Some of the most influential people in history were only one person. But that one single person became a much more powerful collective with a single, simple idea.

Now, it’s the idea to save the world before it’s too late and we’re all wearing SPF 300. So, by making a difference in small ways, a bunch of people in Canada who thought they couldn’t make a difference became that 90%. Almost an entire pizza (if you had the same math lessons I did.)

Sometimes we can make even more of an impact by encouraging and informing other people.

Write letters, put up posters, make up pamphlets, and keep on turning off the lights!

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