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Can We Really Do It?

Thanks to increasing efforts worldwide, people are gradually, and in small ways, reducing their carbon footprints.

It’s a large movement, based on individuals choosing to change their habits, and raise their voices against global climate change.

But what happens when we are browsing the e-edition of the newspaper (to save paper), and we find out that the ice caps are still melting, will continue melting, and will be completely melted in a certain amount of time.

Sometimes it can be hard to face the predictions of coming disasters. Animal extinction, factory farming, overfishing, over mining, fossil fuels.

All these issues keep coming, and not stopping. And sometimes it’s easy to forget that we ARE making a difference.

90 percent of Canadians make daily efforts to reduce their carbon footprints, organic farms are on the rise in major food chains, and millions of intelligent and effective people are researching ways for a better, sustainable future.

So don’t forget to keep spreading the green and help fight climate change!

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