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Ways With Waste

The word ‘recycling’ is a ubiquitous part of our language.

It means turning waste into a reusable product or even refurbishing it to reuse again, producing useful things from useless materials.

Upcycling takes recycling one step further by using recycled materials to create a product which is even more desirable than the original product itself.

It is extremely important to know the difference between these two practices because doing the correct thing will produce beneficial results for both you and the environment.

Upcycling actually induces creativity.

It requires people to think of creative ways of using old and damaged products and materials and turning them into something attractive. Upcycled products serve as an interesting way to teach the younger generation about living in harmony with our environment, or as a hobby for older folk.

A huge number of small companies are thriving upcycling businesses, that is turning used products into attractive garments, accessories or household decorations. Customers of upcycled products not only enjoy the unique nature of their purchase, but also feel they are making an environmentally positive choice as the elements of the products are reused ones.

Recycling is desirable in many cases as we cannot upcycle everything. Certain recycled products may not resemble their previous selves, such as the rubber from used tires being incorporated into the tar for re-paving the road.

Search the internet before you make a decision and you will find numerous DIY sites and guides that will help you to recycle or upcycle a product. Even very small items that you save, reuse or recycle can make a difference to the environment.

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