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Turning Junk Into Art

Junk into Art

Image source: www.oureverydayearth.com

If you’re the type of person who keeps old things around the house for no logical reason, and would like to put your junk items to good use, then this list of DIY projects is perfect for you.

In fact, this list is great for anyone who likes hands-on projects and transforming trash into utilitarian art. The eco-living website, Our Every Day Earth, offers a few neat ideas for keeping junk out of the landfill or recycle bin.

One of the first suggestions is turning a couple of CD cases into a garden cloche. This mini-greenhouse is perfect for seedlings and small plants. You can also turn an old keyboard into a seedling starter.

Next up is turning an old television or computer monitor into a pet home. Simply remove the screen and the electrical innards, and replace with blankets, pet toys, etc. When redecorated, this home could become a beautiful addition to your living room.

Along the lines of that suggestion, consider using a couple of computer boards for an aquarium. This may sound bizarre, but these pictures of the after product may change your mind. Keep it on your desk or table for an aesthetic work of art.

Another utilitarian item for your desk could be a pencil holder made out of circuit boards. Glue them together and you have a Tron/Matrix inspired piece of furniture for writing utensils, rulers, scissors, etc. You can also create cup coasters out of used CD’s to protect your desk from water stains.

Last on the list is computer art. Come up with some creative uses for your old hardware. Paint them or go with already colored items, such as keyboards, laptop shells, floppy disks, mousepads, computer wires, etc.

Reusability doesn’t have to mean tacky. It can inspire amazing pieces of art if you know where to look.

Junk into Art

Image source: www.oureverydayearth.com

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