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The President’s Challenge

In his inauguration speech, President Obama made a few comments on climate change.

Environmentalists excitedly thought the time had finally arrived when climate change would be addressed in a meaningful way.

President Obama has made comments about the climate and environment since his inauguration speech, but the result is the same.

Three weeks after President Obama pledged to focus on the climate but offered no specific second-term plans, also noting political hurdles to legislation, Former Vice President Al Gore called on President Obama to make climate change a higher priority in his second term.

An easy scapegoat for the Obama administration for its lack of action aiming to combat climate change, has been Congress, and its inability to pass even the simplest, most bipartisan legislation.

While it is legitimate to point out the flaws within Congress, the President has specific powers which can supersede and mitigate Congress, and be used to take action. “I deeply respect our president and I am grateful for the steps he has taken, but we cannot have four more years of mentioning [climate change] occasionally and saying it’s too bad that the Congress can’t act,” Gore said in New York City Reuters reports.

Gore’s comments came a couple of days before the climate predictions made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 1990 were proven accurate, after an adjustment to account for natural fluctuations.

At the time, the computer models and simulations were much simpler than what are used today, but the scientists understood one crucial factor for their predictions: the predictions depended on how much carbon dioxide was already in the atmosphere, not on how much would be added.

Twenty two years ago, scientists were able to predict what the climate would be like at present. Since they were proven correct, with their much less complex modeling systems, it would appear it is time for to behoove the country and the world to listen to the scientists, and start taking severe action to combat climate change.

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