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The War On Whaling

Often in international news it is reported that not-for-profit organisations such as Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd were in an altercation with Japanese whalers at sea.

Organisations such as these make it their business to protect whales from being killed by human beings.

Talking to my sister and her friends the other day, I realised that not many people understand the importance of eradicating whaling. In actual fact, many are much more prepared to brand these activist organisations as whale cultists.

Whales form a very important part of marine life, such that senseless killing of these sea mammals must be prevented.

The biggest threat with whaling is that it is done at such a high rate that whaling activity is driving whales into extinction.

Countries known to be active in whaling have argued that they practice it for research and/or as a food source. However, there are equally strong arguments that the so-called research is not of any significant scientific value. Thus killing many whales for such research does not outweigh the value of the research itself. The food source argument fails to hold under scrutiny, since the countries in which whale meat is sold are neither under an imminent food security threat, nor is there high demand for whale meat in those territories.

The international community has also recognised the threat posed by whaling. Countries such as Australia have taken Japan to the International Court of Justice over their whaling operations.

The minister responsible for the environment in Australia also confirmed the position of position and dedication of his government to stop whaling as it is harmful to the environment.

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