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A Green MBA is Available


Image source: www.linkingsustainability.com

Today’s economy is leading many of us to rethink our future or current careers. An MBA in Sustainable Management seems one of the tools that have been catapulting careers in the right direction lately.

A traditional Masters in Business Administration (MBA) usually includes extensive study in areas such as accounting, economics, management, marketing, international business and entrepreneurship.

A Green or Sustainable MBA adds in an examination of the economic, environmental, and social impact of business decisions.

Most economists agree that green technology is the future of the US economy. Corporations have put profits above all else at the cost of the national economy and individual standards of living.

This unsustainable business model has opened the door for a new wave of business, led by a new wave of entrepreneurs. An MBA in Sustainable Management can make you a top candidate in our new economy.

The best part about it is that you won’t have to spend two years in a classroom. People with children and full-time jobs, can earn their MBA without compromising their existing commitments. There are multiple online or “distance learning” Green/Sustainable MBA programs offered around the country. We have found a few and compared their credentials.

Each one varies in focus, time spent in the classroom, time spent online, and time of completion.

School: Anaheim University
Degree Offered:
Online Green MBA (They also offer less intensive Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas in Sustainable Management)
% Online: 100% online
Program Description/Philosophy: The program aims to move candidates “beyond short-term quarterly profits, and focuses on long-term gain by incorporating the environmental and social costs of doing business into management decisions.”
Program Length: 18 months

School: Argosy University
Degree Offered:
MBA with Sustainable Management Concentration
% Online: 100%
Program Description/Philosophy: Argosy describes that this MBA is for “individuals who seek to be the go-to problem solvers for modern businesses” and promises “real-world insights into the leadership qualities, actions, and solutions that resonate in the workplace.”
Program Length: 12-24 months

School: Marylhurst University
Degree Offered:
MBA in Sustainable Business
% Online: 100%
Program Philosophy: The goal of Marlyhurst’s program is to “prepare you to become a leader who can address environmental and social concerns while contributing to profitable growth within your organization.” A definite plus is that they offer multiple concentrations, including renewable energy, government and policy, green development, and more.
Program Length: 18 months

School: Antioch University of New England
Degree Offered:
MBA in Sustainability (the “Green MBA”)
% Online: 5 intensive face-to-face 4-day weekends per semester (located in Keene, New Hampshire)
Program Description: “The Antioch MBA emphasizes balancing a company’s financial health as well as environmental sustainability, quality of work life, ethical practices, and corporate social responsibility.”
Program Length: 12-24 months

School: University of Colorado at Denver
Degree Offered:
MBA with specialization in Management for Sustainability
% Online: 100% online
Program Description: University of Colorado promises to help you “champion the role of business in fostering the long-term health and viability of communities, the environment and the company.”
Program Length: 12-24 months

School: Walden University
Degree Offered:
MBA with specialization in Sustainable Future
% Online: 100% online
Program Philosophy: The focus of this program is to obtain “the skills needed to manage large-scale change that adds value, contributes to a sustainable future, and responds to the needs of organizations and society. Explore ways to understand and improve relationships among individuals, organizations, and communities. Incorporate global awareness into planning, operations, and decision-making at all levels of an organization.”
Program Length: 22 months

School: Portland State University
Degree Offered:
MBA in Leadership, Innovation, and Sustainability
% Online: One 4-day weekend per semester face-to-face
Program Philosophy: “This program seeks to produce future business leaders with innovative spirit and a commitment to social, economic, and environmental stewardship.”
Program Length: 24 months

So, what are you waiting for?


Image source: www.greenmbaclasses.com

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