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Silence Broken on Climate

The last debate was a long shot to hear anything about climate change, but there were certain topics which would have allowed either candidate to at least bring the issue to the forefront. However, no such thing occurred, and for the first time in nearly 25 years, climate change has not been brought up in a presidential debate cycle.

The third-party candidates have been discussing climate change though, but there has been little coverage of third-parties, unfortunately.

Despite climate change not being directly addressed in the debates, there are clues to how either candidate would act on climate change and the environment.

If the policy is to continue at the same rate of fossil fuel consumption, albeit domestic fossil fuel, and to incorporate renewable energy programs into the fold, even if the initial production amount is minimal, then it is likely climate change will be considered in the overall policy.

If the policy is to increase both domestic and foreign fossil fuel consumption and place much less emphasis on renewable energy, and to allocate more resources to fossil fuel development, then it is likely climate change will not be considered in an energy policy.

Hillary Clinton broke the climate silence in a speech before the debate at Georgetown University, speaking about the importance of sustainability and climate issues on the international policy agenda. “We…have an interest in promoting new technologies and sources of energy…and to address the very real threat of climate change,” said Clinton. It is well known and frequent for members of the campaign and cabinet to offer insight into the potential policies of the administration, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a large political presence and is widely respected.

The comments made were reassuring to those disappointed by the silence on climate change in the debates, and offered hope for a clean future.

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