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Good Causes for Coke

If you drink Coke products, you are probably familiar with Coke Rewards.

Maybe you’ve even redeemed enough points to stuff a closet full of Coke branded apparel. But if you are among those that don’t give the “rewards codes” a second glance, you may now have reason to take advantage of them for a good cause. One of a handful of good causes, to be exact. For when you go to the My Coke Rewards online catalogue, if you can dodge the hodge-podge of material items and sweepstakes, you’ll find embedded within the catalogue plenty of philanthropic opportunities.

If you have Coke Reward codes, you can enter them and donate your points to the following causes.

Arctic Home – Coke is working with the World Wildlife Fund to create a haven in the Arctic that polar bears and people alike can call home. Last year 2.2 million was raised by WWF, with 1.8 million coming from donations, along with the funds matched by the Coke company.

Currently, Coke promises to match another 1 million points through to mid February.

One Warm Coat – Each donation contributes to the distribution of coats to the millions of children, men, and women in the U.S. who don’t even own one. With the help of donations, the One Warm Coat organization can provide coats  to the recipients free of charge.

St. Jude’s Research Hospital – By donating to St. Jude’s, you can help them fund their on-going research that may lead to a cure for cancer among other debilitating diseases children are currently facing.

Special Olympics – Donating to the Special Olympics helps bring communities together, promoting the inclusion of all individuals through year-round sports training and competitions.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund – In the U.S., Latinos account for 16.2 percent of the population, yet only 21 percent of Latinos enrolled in elementary school will go on to graduate college. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund, with the help of donations, creates opportunities rarely allotted to minorities to grow and carve out a better future for themselves.

Donate Points to Your Schools – With the “Donate to Schools” option, you can help support your local schools. Donations can help provide schools with art supplies, sports gear, and other tools to improve the academic and personal success of students. Simply enter your zip code and a list of participating schools will appear to select from.

Because it doesn’t require extra money on your part (assuming you are a Coke drinker and have some of their products on hand anyway), it is a win-win, for you and the organizations you’d be helping support.

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